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We are a results-oriented agency. We dare to go where others have not gone to achieve more through innovation.

Kwanza is a Swahili word meaning “first” or “beginning”. Ours was a story of new beginnings, while keeping true to our roots. They say: “in order to move forward, you have to know where you came from”.

Our Story

Ours is a simple story, really. After serving the Ugandan market for over 5 years, Whitehead Communications moved to the United Kingdom and our team in Uganda conceived a new beginning in sister company, Kwanza Communications. Whitehead Communications Ltd. (Uganda) officially became Kwanza Communications Ltd. in 2019, with our Ugandan team taking over management and majority ownership of the Kampala office.

At Kwanza Communications, our performance is customer led and customer inclusive. From the coffee at our meetings to our strategies and campaigns, we offer solutions and create lasting relationships through positive experiences and building trust.

Our strategy

Through various channels – online and offline – we actively engage our clients’ audiences to create more impact, build lasting trust and facilitate fantastic collaborations.

Client Testimonials

I can confidently recommend the team for their unique, practical and personable approach to communications strategy and dependable ability to execute on their wide range of services.

Everything was perfect. Everyday communication, continuous motivation, teambuilding for event through new communication ideas, remind team of deadlines, strong personality leading and guiding the team, contacts to relevant media.

The team helped us and our partners construct marketing campaigns for live shows featuring both local and international acts. They managed to convince large numbers of Ugandans to attend shows featuring artists they had never heard of. They were very active communicators with us, and skilled with getting our old-fashioned team to engage with new-fangled social media. On a personal level, they were fun and friendly, making meetings a pleasure

The team is professional, reliable and results driven. With the launch of the Visa Prepaid card, they were able to properly communicate the value of the card which in turn made the card the best-selling product in the business department and brought in a lot of leads from social media.

We used Kwanza Communications to run a short Facebook campaign to drive viewers to our Facebook page promoting the premiere of a new opera in Canada. We knew the audience for contemporary opera was limited, in our small city, but we hoped Kwanza could help us find it. Wow! Did they ever! They listened carefully to our ideas of who and where our audience might be. They asked good questions, suggested strategies we hadn’t considered, and put together a campaign that sent our viewer numbers through the roof. The premiere was sold out. Local media came out in force.  The granting agency that gave us seed funding was stunned — in a good way! — by the engagement we got on social media. I highly recommend Kwanza’s thoughtful and innovative services.

Work With Us

We are always on the look out for people with great talent, passion, strong work ethic and integrity to join our team.

About Kwanza Communications

We are a public relations and communications firm based in Kampala, Uganda that partners with businesses, organizations and individuals to evolve, protect and promote their brand.

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