Break-Fast Jam

Client: Break Dance Project Uganda

Project Brief

This breakdance event organized annually by Breakdance Project Uganda partnered with us over several years to increase awareness of the event, attract an audience and manage media coverage.


  • Tap into our Ugandan media contacts to share press releases, organize promotional interviews, and place feature stories.
  • Tailor messaging to diverse audiences, including local participants and attendees, international NGOs, attendees, sponsors and other stakeholders, local and foreign media.
  • Assist with content development, posting on social media accounts and hosting media while the organizing team focuses on managing other aspects of the event.
  • Engage local social media influencers in a mini-campaign to promote the event, guide online discussion and make the hashtag active.


  • This event has received coverage from all major media houses within Uganda, plus attracted significant international media attention and broken records for media coverage of hip hop events in Uganda.
  • In 2017, the #BreakFastJam2017 hashtag was seen over 10 million times; we booked 9 TV interviews, were listed in 3 print media and 15 online stories.

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