Project 500K

Client: Project 500K

Project Brief

The Project 500k main goal was

To empower young people with productive mindsets and skills to help them find their own path, and create diverse, sustainable and inclusive livelihoods.  In addition, the project provided practical education and guidance to assist the youth in their entrepreneurial journeys.


  • Edited an 8-week curriculum that was created to develop productive mindsets and develop financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills, followed by further business-specific guidance.
  • Create innovative channels: radio, SMS, social media and youth camps together.
  • Building through engagement with participants, continuous data collection and integrating feedback into the program to meet participant needs and add value.
  • Content that people relate to, such as well-known local guests on the radio show, and real-world examples in discussion of weekly topics


  • The pilot (Round One) had over 1000 youth camp attendees (with thousands more receiving SMS and listening to radio).
  • Trained 100 facilitators in Rounds One and Two.
  • Gained recognition from the World Bank, Uganda Religious society and the President of Uganda.
  • Project 500K birthed the beginning of Energrow an asset financing company that specialises in productive energy asset financing, leverage an energy connection to secure loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in rural and peri-urban areas.

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