Uganda Social Media and Mobile Money Tax Survey

Client: Uganda Social Media & Mobile Money Tax Survey

Project Brief

This Survey reports on public opinion regarding the impact of new taxes on social media and Mobile Money in Uganda, with the purpose of serving as a resource in an urgent consultative and evidence-based review of these taxes.


  • Collect results from respondents both online and through face-to-face interviews across the country. Encourage online influencers to share trackable links through social media, and facilitate Face-to-face interviews through a team of pollsters deployed in their resident neighborhoods across all four major regions of Uganda.
  • Question people’s opinions towards the taxes and about their use of social media and mobile money services, as well as how that use changed due to taxation changes.
  • The report was expedited to be released within 36 hours of closing the survey in order to provide timely information to policy makers, concerned parties and the general public.
  • Whitehead Communications partnered with the Information and Communications Technology Association of Uganda (ICTAU) to legitimize and distribute findings to industry stakeholders.


  • 3,015 responses were collected in 3 days. Data analysis was performed in Kampala.A full report of findings was disseminated to stakeholders, including: Ugandan businesses, local and international media, academic and industry researchers, Ugandan policy makers and activists filing a suit challenging the taxes.

    The report was included as a reference in several academic and industry studies, was reviewed by the appropriate parliamentary committee and filed as evidence in a suit against the taxes.

    The Mobile Money taxes were reduced by 50% within a year of implementation, and debate continues in Uganda over repealing the taxes entirely.

    Link: Uganda Social Media and Mobile Money Tax Survey

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